Barney - SMILE Board Director
“Helping people like my age, younger and older who don’t have much money and need things to make their lives better”

- Barney

The Reasons Why Karen Cruise Chose Barney to Be a SMILE Board Member...

Barney’s mum was my swimming instructor and we’d become great friends. She loved the work we were doing in schools and started to donate clothes for the children we were coaching.  Barney had shown some interest and awareness of children less well off than him.  He joined his mum and I (and their dog Besty) on a walk in our local park and I was in awe of his fun loving, kind character, and thought his open minded attitude would be a real asset to our team.  Plus he’s the age of the children our work was focused towards so I knew he’d have a better awareness of what was important to young people his age.