Dwaine - SMILE Board Director
“My goal and mission for SMILE is to educate young people around finance and provide a strong foundation for a lifetime of financial security and to positively impact impoverished communities through raising money in order to build and sustain a safe place for children”

- Dwaine

The Reasons Why Karen Cruise Chose Dwaine to Be a SMILE Board Member...

Dwaine is my nephew and a fantastic role model for young people who want to achieve their goals.  He first became interested in finance at the ripe old age of 13 attending his first financial planning meeting - suited and booted!  I really admire his determination and resilience and the joy he gets from helping others become financially free by teaching them how to manage and make their money grow.  Instantly I thought he’d be the right person to consider innovative ways we could help young people become more financially literate.  I love how his confidence has rubbed off onto his young daughter too!