James Bold Circle

In Loving Memory of James Bold (1946 – 2022)

Barney’s Granddad, also known as James or Jim to so many.

Born in Liverpool but living most of his adult life in Leeds he worked many different jobs, in HR, recruitment, careers advice and the NHS.

Barney’s Granddad was a generous man, he would do anything for his family, and he gave freely of his time to anyone who might need it.

Such as hitchhikers who he didn’t just give a lift to, he would bring them home as guests if they needed a bed for the night. 

James gave generously to charities, he helped where he could help and involved himself with many community projects, including the local food bank.

James would always support the causes that his children, and grandchildren believed in. He gave his time to sit as a governor at the school some of his grandchildren attended.

He never wanted anything in return for the kindnesses he gave, and if someone offered to repay him, he would simply say, “pass it on!”

His kindness, and generosity of love and life touched many hearts and many wonderful memories of him will live on.