Helping All Children Feel Happy and Putting a Smile On Their Faces

We are providing those little extras that make a big difference to the happiness and success in the lives of children and young people living in poverty.


Supporting Children to Thrive

Supporting children to thrive is the main purpose of all that we do at SMILE.

We know that access to basic amenities is pivotal to young people’s happiness and success in life.

We also know that a 'sense of belonging' plus social and emotional well-being have a huge role in helping children and young people feel worthy, valued, and live their best lives.

We want to make sure that what we offer at SMILE is an all round package of care to the children, young people and families we support.

So we have dared to dream big and commit to directly helping thousands of children have what they are entitled to have; good quality clothes, food on the table, learning accessories - all the things many of us take for granted.

The SMILE Board of Directors

The SMILE team have witnessed first-hand how the provision of these basic fundamentals can have a profoundly positive impact on the life chances and opportunities for young people.

We want to be an instrumental part of that movement that elevates our children, gives them all they need to see their potential flourish, and ensures that no child, no matter their circumstances, is left behind.

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Alexandra - SMILE Board Director
Barney - SMILE Board Director
Dwaine - SMILE Board Director
Myles - SMILE Board Director
Rachel - SMILE Board Director
Harkiran - SMILE Board Director
Karen - SMILE Board Director

The Bare Necessities

Practically supporting children to feel included, safe, accepted in their local and school community is crucial to their social and emotional wellbeing, education and all round happiness. 

Food on the table, new school uniforms, decent footwear, books and colourful stationery is the norm for the lucky ones.

Yet, thousands of children and young people go without these basic fundamentals every day.

We want to help those children feel included - practically as well as emotionally - and have access to those essential amenities that many of us take for granted.

SMILE Christmas Wish

Fundraising Campaign Deadline

30 November 2022

About This Fundraising Campaign

We currently partner with 5 inner city schools, all who work within areas of high deprivation and poverty.

The staff nurture and love the students in their schools and go over and above to look after the social and emotional well being of the young people in their care.

We're going to work with five schools in Leeds & Bradford to ensure every child who would not normally receive a gift, gets a present in December 2022.

They have told us that between them 870 children go without Christmas presents.

We have calculated that £20 can get a child a lovely present; this means we need to raise £17,400.

Will you help us bring smiles to these children's faces this Christmas?