Life Coaching For Parents

Are you one of the 95% of parents that worry about your children and your own parenting skills? 


We Have Great News! 

There are strategies you can implement to help improve the relationship between you and your child. 

At Flourished Minds, we provide professional, friendly and supportive life coaching for parents and young people, so that your child can thrive.

Overcoming Parenting Struggles

Are you struggling with a particular parenting problem?

Flourished Minds can help parents and children with;

  • Family arguments
  • Difficult school life
  • Strained relationships
  • Low self-esteem, confidence and anxiety
  • Struggles, challenges and difficulties 

We’re on hand to support parents so that children can expand their potential and live their best lives.

Doing Parenting Right

The challenge of parenting is something no manual can prepare you for. Consequently, many parents worry whether they are ‘doing it right’.

Parenting is tricky, difficult and never quite perfect, yet, it is rewarding and fulfilling too.

As a parent, we know that you want your child to live a fulfilled, well-rounded and happy life. Sadly, obstacles can get in the way of this progress, and the journey can put significant strains on the parent-child relationship, which can cause a communication breakdown and further challenges.

At Flourished Minds, we’re here to help restore communication, rebuild bridges and repair relationships, so you can work together to make childhood the most enjoyable experience possible for you both.

Parenting can be a lonely ride, but Flourished Minds are here to support you as we work on childhood development, mental and emotional wellbeing and happy parenting.

Flourished Minds - Life Coaching For Parents

Coaching For Parents

Our flexible approach means that we tailor our coaching to your needs.

We can work with you and your child together or on an individual basis depending on your requirements.

What’s more, we can also collaborate with the child’s school and teachers in order to get the best results and act in the best interests of the child and the parent. 

This holistic and comprehensive approach can help everyone to work together all in the best interest of your child.

Let’s Prioritise Your Child

We’re ready to help you get the best outcomes for your child. To discuss your child and what we can do to support you as a parent, please get in touch.

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Remember, supporting children and young people to be their absolute best is our only mission.

We are not frightened by having difficult conversations.

Supporting young people to excel is our purpose. Having a conversation with you is the first step to positively change someone’s life.