About Flourished Minds

Flourished Minds is on a mission to help every child achieve their brightest future. 

Flourished Minds ACAP Windrush Awards Winner 2020

Our goal is to help every child discover their unique gifts, abilities and reasons for being.

It is with this reason in mind that we run as a not-for-profit organisation. We are wholly committed to delivering the best we can for future generations. We invest and reinvest every single penny into the community to help young people enjoy their richest, fullest, happiest lives. 

Through our coaching philosophy and innovative practices, we instil hope and self-belief into every child that needs us. 

Of course, it’s not only the children we’re here to help; we’re on a quest to deliver bespoke, quality coaching to help both children and the adults that care, teach and support them to flourish. 

With Flourished Minds, we ensure that, whatever you’re facing, you are never alone. 

Who We Help

Life Coaching For Parents

Life Coaching For Parents

We understand the challenges parents face when it comes to their children.

It can be hard to manage the best interests of your child when dealing with schools and other professionals. 

At Flourished Minds, we work with you as the voice of the parent.

We can bring all parties together to move forward in the most successful way and strengthen the relationship between all parties to create the best possible outcomes for your child. 

We can attend meetings on behalf of you or your child, or coach you both through the process to ensure effective communication, and to make sure practical actions are designed and implemented.

Whatever you need from us, we’ll support you through the complex and challenging processes that you may face when creating the best future for your child.

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Life Coaching For Teachers

We know that teachers and education workers want to get the best out of every student and ensure they can teach to the very best level too. 

If you have concerns about student welfare, underachieving students, behavioural problems, or lack of engagement, then Flourished Minds can help. 

As well as one-to-one coaching for students, we can also provide coaching and training for teachers, pastoral care teams and senior leadership too.

With one-to-one teacher coaching, we provide a safe space to talk out any frustrations, concerns and anxieties as well as providing practical techniques to reduce stress and create effective working strategies. 

We also offer team coaching, as a ‘whole school approach’ which provides a bespoke programme that complements a school’s objectives and work patterns.

With this, we can help staff to improve the social, emotional and educational wellbeing of the school through effective coaching strategies.

These programmes have remarkable success in establishing and restoring positive relationships with the students, improving behaviour management, and enhancing the whole school environment.

Life Coaching For Young People

Life Coaching For Young People

We aim to make every child feel good about themselves. 

By providing a welcoming and confidential space to talk, we use a variety of coaching models and techniques to engage, support and set them up for the future. 

Whether you’re facing overwhelm, low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, stress or unhappiness, our door is always open without judgement. 

We don’t dwell on the past. Instead, we focus on the now. We offer practical solutions to help young people navigate the current issue they face, then using their strengths; we work on developing the tools and skills to navigate future challenges and to create a brighter future. 

Our private coaching sessions for young people last for approximately 45 minutes.

We welcome referrals from schools, parents, educational and support organisations as well as self-referrals from young people themselves.

Schedule Your Free 15 Minute Consultation

Call us today for your free 15 minute consultation.

We will listen to what's worrying you and by the time you put the phone down you’ll know exactly how we will be able to help you or that young person you care about.

Remember, supporting children and young people to be their absolute best is our only mission.

We are not frightened by having difficult conversations.

Supporting young people to excel is our purpose. Having a conversation with you is the first step to positively change someone’s life.

Some of The Amazing People We Work With...

As a result of working with Karen, students became re-energised and re-engaged, developing a resilience and a repertoire of personal skills to cope with both personal and academic challenges. Karen has transformed our approach to coaching. 

Professor Damien Page



Whether it’s captivating an assembly about her job, empowering our group of election candidates to be heard or coaching some of our most worried children, their parents and their teacher, Karen is helping children to believe in themselves.

Zoe Mawson



When my daughter told me she wrote a manifesto and stood up in front of her class to explain how she would help the school, I couldn’t believe it. This wasn’t something that she would have ever had the confidence to do before.

Terri Hewitt


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