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Your Role as a Teacher is Never Just Teaching

Every day, you take on multiple roles from being a cheerleader, counsellor, behavioural manager, disruption diffuser and coach, all at the same time! 

As a result, it can be hard to stay sane and feel confident that you are helping your students to thrive. 

At Flourished Minds, we understand that teachers face a variety of unpredictable challenges.

A student’s wellbeing, disruptive behaviour, mental health challenges and different learning styles can all add to your workload, and it can be hard to know how best to deliver excellent teaching when managing these aspects. 

Our transformational coaching is here to help whenever you need support, a sounding board or a confidential space to unburden your concerns.

Like you, Flourished Minds wants the best for every single child, and we know how vital your work is in the classroom. 

We offer coaching for children, teachers and parents, so we can make the future a brighter place. 

Flourished Minds - Life Coaching For Teachers

Transformational Life Coaching For Teachers

We know the demands you face, the stress that can build, and the impact that being a teacher can have on your whole life.

From taking work home with you to the adverse effects on your mental health and wellbeing; we want to ensure that you always love your job and get as close to the work/life balance as possible. 

Whether you need support for yourself or feel that your students could benefit from transformational coaching to help them better manage their behaviour, attainment and wellbeing, then we can help. 

We have a successful track record in assisting students in finding their focus, drive their own behaviour and excel at school.

We also offer coaching tips and tricks to help teachers get the most out of every lesson. 

Flourished Minds offer coaching for teachers, pastoral teams and students so that we can help as many young people as possible to live happy, fulfilled and nourished lives and you can get that fantastic sense of satisfaction that only teaching can provide! 

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