Fun Ways To Use Affirmations With Children 

 1 November 2021

By  Karen Cruise

Do you want to help kids feel more resilient, optimistic, calmer, stronger and full of self-confidence and determination?

One of the best ways that can help support this growth mindset and self-belief is affirmations.

Affirmations (such as I am, I can, and I believe statements) are powerful statements that help to instil self-belief and confidence while helping to combat negative thoughts (as well as Automatic Negative Thoughts).

While affirmations are effective for both children and adults, the neuroplasticity in a child’s brain makes it easier for affirmations to embed themselves, meaning you may start to see the positive results of affirmations really quickly in children and teens.

Neuroplasticity is slightly less flexible for adults, meaning it can take more time for the brain to believe your affirmations as truth (but it is still a worthwhile activity!)

How To Use Affirmations

One of the go-to ways of using affirmations is to say them aloud in front of a mirror.

However, some kids (and teens) will think this is the most cringe-worthy thing to do.

When a child isn’t invested in the process of affirmations, they simply won’t work, so they need to find a way that lights them up.

Below are a few different ways to use affirmations; it is well worth trying a range of options and seeing which the child naturally gravitates towards.

Three Fun Ways To Use Affirmations

1.     Write Them In The Shower

A great way to start the day is to fill the day with positive energy.

During a morning shower, when the steam and condensation hits the wall, shower glass or mirror, your child can start to write the affirmations they need for the day; it could be:

  • I am enough
  • I matter
  • I can tackle this challenge
  • I make good choices
  • I am confident
  • I am loved
  • I can do it!

Once they leave the shower, these messages will have disappeared but will remain inside.

If your child wants a permanent reminder of their favourite affirmations, these can be added to a vision board.

Create A Treasure Chest Or Affirmation Jar

Being able to dip into a pot and pull the affirmation you need to carry with you on that day can be a great way to start the day with intention.

Depending on the age range, smaller children may love to create their own pirate treasure chest full of affirmation coins.

Young adults may prefer a more stylish mason jar of affirmation notes.

At the end of the day, it can help to reflect on the affirmation and what they did that day that is an example of that affirmation.

Role Model Affirmations

If your child has role models or loves certain sports players or celebrities, it can be a great discussion point to discuss what affirmations they may tell themselves.

What challenges have they had to overcome, and what affirmations would they need to tell themselves?

Then, how can you use the affirmations that your heroes use for your own personal challenges?

Having children realise they would have the same affirmations as their heroes and perhaps are overcoming the same challenges can help to reinforce the belief that they can do anything and become whoever they want to be.

Finding Encouragement And Self-Belief From Affirmations

While a parent or carer will naturally start affirming the child (such as ‘you are kind’), the most effective results come from within.

Coming up with different ways for a child to incorporate self-affirmations into their life can show renewed confidence, happiness and self-assurance.

If your child needs more support in building their self-belief and preventing negative thoughts, Flourished Minds is always here to help.

To find out more, please book your free personalised consultation.

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