How To Turn Peer Pressure Into A Positive 

 29 March 2023

By  Karen Cruise

Peer pressure that makes kids do things that are dangerous, risky, or they don’t want to do can be a big stress for young people.

So much so, peer pressure can significantly affect a child’s mental health and have a huge impact on their life.

However, peer pressure can be something that works in a really positive way.

Positive peer pressure is the impact of having positive influences around you.

Spending time with these peers may encourage you to do well, motivate you to reach your goals and creates a supportive network.

Turning Peer Pressure Into A Positive

It is estimated that 90% of teens face peer pressure, and there is a psychological reason why peer pressure is so prevalent for teens.

By the age of around seven, children will start to focus more on what people their own age think and less on what adults think.

In neuroscience, for children and teens, being around peers can stimulate parts of the brain associated with reward.

Furthermore, being around positive peer pressure can help the brain learn more too.

With the right environment, positive peer pressure can help young people to;

  • Learn more quickly
  • Model behaviours they want to see from friends
  • Positively interact with others
  • Find the right friends and peers that share their values
  • Find positive role models.

Creating Positive Peer Pressure

1. You’re an influencer!

Help children to realise that their behaviour, character and actions can influence others.

Friends, classmates and peers may all be looking to them as a way to act like them.

Help your child to see how if they act confidently and respectfully and by always doing what is right can help to positively influence others around them.

2. Find role models

Having conversations with kids about who they look up to, why and what characteristics they like about their role model can help to create a positive influence.

Modelling positive peer behaviour can be really motivating.

However, with this, it’s important to have regular conversations to encourage independent thinking.

3. Cheerleaders and value seekers

Finding friends with the same values can be important for children.

This can help them to discover who their true friends are.

Conversations about how they would want a friend to be with them or how they can be a good friend to others can help children to steer clear of negative influences and find value-driven friends they can connect with.

Peer pressure is a massive thing for teens as they learn to make their way in the world and understand their own identity and social identity too.

So focusing on creating the right thinking, experiences and environments that encourage positive peer pressure can be a really effective way to motivate, support and encourage kids while developing lifelong social skills too.

If your child needs more support in creating positive peer pressure and minimising any negative social pressure they’re facing, coaching can be a safe and effective place to explore this challenging concept and build confidence, decision-making abilities, as well as values and self-awareness that can form greater peer interaction.

Find out more by booking a free consultation with us today.

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